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Name:♥ Chrissy Rose ♥
Birthdate:Nov 18
Location:Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, United States of America
touched by angels though i fall out of grace

the name's chrissy. 28 years old. i can be either your best friend, or your worst nightmare.
usually, people choose to be best friends. but there are very select few that i consider to be my best friends online.

make a deal with god, and get him to swap our places

harry potter. supernatural. doctor who. torchwood. the vampire diaries. bones. rent. twilight.
evernight. house of night. vampire academy. beetlejuice. disney. syfy's alice. star trek (reboot). glee. firefly.
true blood. the office.

meet me on your best behavior, meet me at your worse

draco/harry. ron/hermione. dean/castiel. bobby/ellen. gabriel/sam. ash/jo. sam/ruby. nine/rose. ten/donna. master/rose. jack/ianto. owen/tosh.
rhys/gwen. stefan/elena. damon/katherine. hodgins/angela. booth/brennan. jacob/bella. edward/bella. emmett/rosalie. hatter/alice. spock/kirk. will/emma. artie/tina.
simon/kaylee. eric/sookie. lafayette/jesus. bill/sam. sam/sookie. hoyt/jessica. jim/pam. ryan/kelly. dwight/angela.
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